I doubt I had many followers on my blog from Software Architects, but I did enjoy blogging.

When I moved to Catapult Systems (my current employer) I was immediately involved with a Wpf and Silverlight project for a client. It was a nightmare in terms of scope creep, project management, and requirements gathering. In short, a major trial by fire.

I learned an enormous amount and am the better for it. But, since the project was always behind and there was always more work to do, I could not find the time to blog. And I did miss it.

Luckily I have a new project and new client where things are going fantastic. I am working now on the same team as my co-blogger, Ryan.

Ryan definitely has that crazy passion that makes a great developer.

So together we decided to focus our energy on a blog and on a special project that will endeavor to capture the winning formula to developing that next generation .Net application.

Right now we are using Composite Wpf (aka Prism) and Linq To Sql to develop a great application.

To say things are going great is an understatement. The application looks amazing and the coding is a pleasure.

But like all projects, we can do it better the next time. So our project is to start prototyping that next time.

As for my blog entries, they will probably be random from simple concepts to complex code implementations. I have no desire to focus my blog entries on the PhDs or on the unwashed coding masses.

So enjoy or  ! enjoy (haha.. nerd humor)

Peace out!