On the subject of blogging and originality

Timothy Zahn, a great science fiction author, in an afterward for a short story addressed the issue of originality.

He stated that with science fiction (as with other subjects) it is very difficult to be “original.” His argument was that it isn’t the originality of the idea that matters but what you do with it.

Of course South Park also captured this with the “Simpson’s Did It” episode where Butters as Professor Chaos kept trying to develop an original diabolical plan but kept just repeating Simpson plots.

This rambling is just to address the issue that not all blog entries can be original and often repeat the same info found elsewhere. If I do use a blog as a resource then trust me, I will give credit. If someone else has already done a similar subject or blog and I did not give credit, then I did not know about it.

I will site resources I use and feel free to “trust, but verify” anything I write about.

So that is a brief post… more to follow.

Peace out!