Another Oxite?

I followed Microsoft P&P’s Application Architecture Guide‘s progress closely, right up until the point it was released. I still haven’t read it all the way through, and at this point, I might not. J.D. Meier posted several of the pattern diagrams today, and I was quite surprised by what I saw. I posted a comment on the Web Application with Domain Entity Application Pattern post, but I think a few others say it much better:

To their credit, I noticed the App Arch guys added a how-to for DDD, and after a brief scan, I don’t think it looks half bad.

What are some of your thoughts? Have any of you read the guidance? Should it be called guidance? Are those of us who are dissatisfied wrong, and if so, what are we missing?


3 thoughts on “Another Oxite?

  1. I am not too fond of the “how-to” for DDD. It looks like someone who has never actually used DDD trying to sell that you can “do DDD with EF”.


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