Another Oxite Indeed

Another Oxite, indeed. My Google Reader reported a flood of activity in the AppArch CodePlex wiki, the majority of which was updated patterns pages with “BETA – Published for Community Feedback. This page is a wiki.  Please provide your feedback in the comments below,” at the top. The Application Architecture Guide, v2 is now back in beta status after the flood of community feedback following its December 2008 “final” release.

I’m glad to see Microsoft respond to the community. I find great hope in Microsoft’s future in their willingness to listen and respond. If only they would do so sooner rather than later, they would have a much better reputation with the community. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with their desire to dialogue with the community to improve their guidance.

Now, if you are an architect or developer with experience in the areas for which Microsoft is offering guidance, speak up. Help provide the response for which Microsoft is asking. This is a great opportunity for us to bridge the relationship we have with the team at Microsoft providing the tools we use daily.