ViewModel Futures

Glenn Block asked two questions on Twitter tonight that were too good to pass up. First, do you want better tooling, more testable data binding, or a ViewModel base class? I agree with whoever said patterns exist to make up for faults in a language; however, in this case, I think I would choose enhancements to data binding. It’s a little too magical, imho.

I would like to see a ViewModel base eventually, though, as that would be one less thing to wire up myself, and it hopefully silence all the people complaining about the lack of a model in MVC. (Yes, I am thinking the backend models should be sharable among WPF, Silverlight, and MVC.)

Glenn’s second question related to tv target audience. I am always a fan of simple explocicity, to borrow a word from JB. I think that’s what the experts use. Also, I don’t know many who want to me mediocre some day, so going for the best and letting it trickle down is a great idea.

Just my $.02.