The Problem With the MVC Frameworks – Introduction

The anticipatory buzz about ASP.NET MVC last year has become a loud clanging about the general MVC pattern this year. We’ve got several people talking about the “M” in MVC (K. ScottRob & Javier); the “right” way to make ASP.NET MVC work (Jimmy and Seb); and complete alternatives in the form of FubuMVC (Front Controller), Bistro (Alex), and—related from a web development perspective if not MVC—OpenRasta (Seb). Why do we have all this complexity or all these options? I submit to you that the problems in the pattern as it relates to web design and the complex structures designed to handle it are a result of mixed metaphors; i.e., the web is not a UI but a service platform.

Before moving on, let me just say that by no means am I advocating WebForms or other, similar frameworks. Such things are atrocities that should never have been committed upon this earth. (Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but hopefully you get my point that while I’m about to rag on MVC, some of these other things are worse.)

As I wrote, this thing became far too long for a single post, so I’m breaking it up into sections. I also need to find and tie in the discussion I had with JB about this very thing. I like how that discussion went, although it was based upon other discussions similar to those in the following posts:

  1. A History of Violence against HTML
  2. New Names for Old Things
  3. Serve me up some of that good ole Appl(ication)e Pie
  4. The Web is a Service Bus
  5. The Gauntlet

So stay tuned. There’s more to come. 🙂


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