Google Chrome Frame

Chrome Frame is all about improving the web, not hurting it, functioning as
a back-stop against browsers that just aren’t keeping up. – Alex Russel

In case you’ve missed it, Google has released a plugin for IE
that will render as in Chrome (WebKit). All you need is a simple meta tag.

This thing is hot. The Google Group is abuzz. I had to switch to daily digest after receiving 40
emails over a span of about four hours. Looks as though more than just Google is ready for IE to catch up.

I am really excited about this myself, but keep in mind this is still very
early. Google’s own sites don’t appear to have the tag yet, but I expect they
will soon.

What tickle’s my mind most, however, is what Google is really about to
unleash. We know about Wave. What else is out there? I have been touting the
benefits of SVG as a platform, and this and Google’s other recent release of
svgweb sure seem to put a lot of emphasis
on SVG as the potential graphics platform of choice. Could it be Google is
going to go head-to-head with Flash and Silverlight with more open standards?
Please let it be true!

[Update: Check out this HTML5 introductory video from Google.]