Azure Functions with Swift

I’ve been a bit busy lately with several projects, but I’ve tried to carve out time to continue learning. As I’ve been writing some Azure Functions for work projects, I was looking to leverage see how easy it would be to use the Custom Handlers preview to add support for Swift. Turns out Saleh Albuga already built a tool for building and deploying Swift Azure Functions called swiftfunc! The only downside is this tool currently only works on macOS.

Undaunted, I decided to try a different approach. While looking for OSS Swift compilers, I happened upon RemObjects Elements Compiler. I was surprised I had not heard of them before. Their compiler platform is worth investigating, as it supports many languages, even within one project! However, I was interested in Swift, and their Silver compiler is kept very close to the latest Swift spec, including extensions for things like async/await. As the Elements compiler can be used to build apps for mobile, .NET, Java, WebAssembly, and more platforms, I wondered whether I could use Silver to build a Swift Azure Function against the .NET libraries. With a little help from Marc Hoffman, the answer is a resounding YES!

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Azure Static Web Apps with Sapper + Azure Functions

In the last post, I walked through setting up a simple Sapper application on Microsoft’s new Azure Static Web Apps. In this post, I’ll walk through my experience adding and deploying an Azure Functions API.

TL;DR Azure Static Web Apps currently only supports Azure Functions v3 with Node.js v12 and HttpTrigger bindings for APIs. See the docs.

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