Azure Functions with Swift

I’ve been a bit busy lately with several projects, but I’ve tried to carve out time to continue learning. As I’ve been writing some Azure Functions for work projects, I was looking to leverage see how easy it would be to use the Custom Handlers preview to add support for Swift. Turns out Saleh Albuga already built a tool for building and deploying Swift Azure Functions called swiftfunc! The only downside is this tool currently only works on macOS.

Undaunted, I decided to try a different approach. While looking for OSS Swift compilers, I happened upon RemObjects Elements Compiler. I was surprised I had not heard of them before. Their compiler platform is worth investigating, as it supports many languages, even within one project! However, I was interested in Swift, and their Silver compiler is kept very close to the latest Swift spec, including extensions for things like async/await. As the Elements compiler can be used to build apps for mobile, .NET, Java, WebAssembly, and more platforms, I wondered whether I could use Silver to build a Swift Azure Function against the .NET libraries. With a little help from Marc Hoffman, the answer is a resounding YES!

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Custom Site Generation with Azure Static Web Apps

While fooling around with Azure Static Web Apps — which went into public preview today — I found a trick to working with any front-end build tool, not just npm install && npm run build. In this post, I’ll work through adding a new build step and using a custom static site generator. To keep things interesting, I’ll use an F# script to generate the site.

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Azure Static Web Apps with Sapper + Azure Functions

In the last post, I walked through setting up a simple Sapper application on Microsoft’s new Azure Static Web Apps. In this post, I’ll walk through my experience adding and deploying an Azure Functions API.

TL;DR Azure Static Web Apps currently only supports Azure Functions v3 with Node.js v12 and HttpTrigger bindings for APIs. See the docs.

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Azure App Service Static Web Apps with Svelte + Sapper

Microsoft just announced Azure App Service Static Web Apps at Microsoft Build 2020. If you have any interest in the JAMstack, then this is terrific news! While Microsoft provided a means for static website hosting in Azure already, we’ve been on our own to come up with solutions to deploy supporting APIs. With Azure Static Web Apps, that’s changed. You can now trigger a build and deploy of your static website and optional Azure Functions from a git commit!

I’ll dig into that fantastic combo in later posts. For the present, I’ll stick to something simple: publishing a Sapper generated static website.

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