Revisiting Microsoft Forms: WinForms

This is a series of posts on older Microsoft forms technologies and reflections on what is really good about them. When I first used these platforms, I had strong biases against them, which were encouraged by co-workers and friends. Having spent over a decade building software in .NET, I’ve come to appreciate at least certain aspects of these tools, some of which are moving forward to .NET 5. Windows Forms, or WinForms, is one of those platforms, and I would like to spend some time talking through some really nice aspects of the framework.

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The Real MVC in Web Apps

I recently stumbled across Peter Michaux‘s article MVC Architecture for JavaScript Applications. I’ve followed Peter’s writing in the past and was surprised I’d missed that and several others you can find on his site, including the more recent Smalltalk MVC Translated to JavaScript. (While you don’t have to go read them now, I recommend you do so.) Peter focuses his attention on JavaScript applications. I’m going to extend this a bit and tie in a bunch of other things I’ve been reading to show that 1) the current trend appears to be heading back in this direction (albeit under different names) and 2) that MVC need not focus entirely on the client side.

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